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Christmas Décor Ideas For The Festive Season

A wreath on the front door

There’s nothing more suitable for Christmas than an elegant wreath. It’s a perfect way to let people know your home is ready for the celebration. There are handmade pieces available in stores with eternity roses and berries amidst pops of green leaves. A wreath is considered an invitation for the spirit of Christmas to enter your home, bringing luck, and suggesting that the Christmas spirit dwells within.

Style your sofa

The sofa is the centre furniture of any living room. You can make it extra cozy by adding a lot of colored sofa cushions. You can get your sofa Christmassy with Christmas cushions. Also, a quick swap of your normal throw pillows or blankets for festive alternatives can bring in a dramatic change. Try using an assortment of sizes, patterns, and textures in your pillow and cushions with pops of Christmas colors.

A DIY Christmas tree

Though you can buy Christmas trees in different sizes and decorations, nothing can match the joy of creating a tree from scratch. You can celebrate a cheery Christmas with a well-decorated tree. You can use wires and a climber’s cage as the basic tree frame. Now, dress it up with Christmas-themed fairy lights. You can use colorful blinking bulbs or a golden tree for the special corner in your living room.

Bed Linens

Though, we could be more focused on the bedroom's aesthetics in contrast with the ambiance of a living room or dining hall. It is prudent to buy some excellent quality bed linens. If changing out bed linens doesn't appeal to you, then the best bet is to layer with a colored bed throw or skirting, as they add a finishing touch of tone and texture, thus offering a little extra space.

If you are a creative person, you can bring in some innovation. Buy some craft paper, call your friends or family and start folding them to make origami Christmas trees. It is not only easy to make but also very pretty.

Another innovative tree can be made using the ladder in your house. It has a tapered top, and you can drape the ladder with fairy lights. Tie colorful laces and hang tree ornaments to have a delightful décor. You can involve your family in decorating one level as it goes up on the tree.

Wall décor

From garlands of foliage to string lights and wreaths, you can use them for wall décor. While you can buy beautiful faux Christmas foliage, nothing beats the real ones. Also, you can use some good-quality fake foliage and add plenty of real greenery. While the old-fashioned paper decorations may not be your choice, you still can do a lot with paper. There are plenty of options in various shapes and styles, like paper fans, stars, waffle spheres, and honeycombs, which you can use to decorate your walls.

While a festive wreath adorns your Christmas front door, they are also a great addition to your home’s walls. It can jazz up an empty wall very well. For larger bands of wall space, Christmas garland ideas are an excellent choice. From tinsel to strings of foliage, you can use them very flexibly. You can drape them in long loops to cover the wall from top to bottom by trussing them up close to your ceiling or picture rail. You can use layers of green garlands to cover an entire wall. You can hang anything on the walls, like baubles, string lights, and even pretty ribbons.

Create magical mealtimes

With some planning, you can create show-stopping settings and magical

mealtimes. You can create the magic of eating in a restaurant using things you already have in your cupboards. Spending the time to do so can transform it into a special occasion. Use a few candles or LED micro fairy lights in the centre of the table.

While the typical color scheme for decorating a table for Christmas is red and green, you can add unexpected flashes of color to give it a modern spin. Consider using blue, lilac, and pink hues for a more vibrant spin. To finish the effect, hang decorations from the chair backs using the same ribbon.

And don’t underestimate the power of ribbons. Your table setting will look more festive if you wrap a bow of red ribbon around your napkins. Dress the table with simple dinnerware and make a runner of foliage down the middle to add a comforting touch of nature.

Create your festive lighting with candle bowls. Half-fill a footed glass bowl with water and add floating candles. You can create a relaxing ambience during your dining time with plenty of cushions and twinkling candlelight.

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