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10 promising features of Areca Palm to attract prosperity at home

Areca Palm is a popular indoor plant with a royal appeal, and the noteworthy fact is that it needs minimal maintenance. It is also known as butterfly palm, bamboo palm, or golden cane palm across the countries.

You will be happy to know that Areca Palm, also the native plant of Madagascar, can be easily looked after indoors and outdoors.

We will help you know more about this wonderful plant and its benefits are high yielding for health.

  1. These are seen as long slender leaves mounted to the smooth bark of the slender yellowish-green bamboo stem. The color is appealing and blends well with any and every theme of your wall, floor, or your hall. This always enhances the look with its elegance.

  2. Areca plant needs ample light inside the room, so it is best to keep it in the room that gets light or is well-lit throughout the day. However, the plant does not require much natural direct sunlight. With the artificial lights in the room, during the day or night, these plants need little care from time to time.

  3. It is best to get the plant in a pot from the nursery. If you wish to plant it yourself, you have to make some mud holes in the pot and place the clustered rooms in those pockets. The idea is to prevent excess water accumulation.

  4. You can prune the brown leaves and not any other colored ones. Also, they might dry up in an air-conditioned room, so it is best to keep them happily growing at room temperature.

  5. You need enough water to keep the soil moist, and loads of moisture or water will cause the Areca palm to wither away. A small amount of water is sufficient only if you feel that the mud is getting dried up. They do not thrive in a muddy, watery texture at all.

  6. These plants are a rich source of oxygen, and so the air is always made suitable for you to breathe. This is a recommended humidifier in the room, and so it is a cool companion. This is safe and harmless, unlike certain plants that are not good for pets at home.

  7. A natural air purifier absorbs harmful pollutants present in the air and gives out more oxygen than other plants, which in turn is healthy for those with asthma-like symptoms.

  8. The plant should be repotted yearly once so that they get new soil to thrive, and the pot can be bigger based on its length.

  9. With so many health benefits, the Areca plant adds a lot of calmness because of its healing medicinal attributes.

  10. Those who are followers of Vastu or Feng Sui will always buy the plant to invoke positive vibrations inside the home.

Areca palm is a plant that generates happy and positive vibes in the home and can be quickly taken care of without worry.

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