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3 Essential questions to ask any property developer

The joy of owning a home is beyond words, giving a great sense of pride. This decision needs a lot of research and expert opinion from realtors. There is a special space for your own, and the security in terms of finance and emotions are always on high. Investing in a property requires consulting with family members, friends, and real estate evangelists. Ensure that every stage in the home buying process is completed correctly and with a positive outlook.

With a lot of suggestions in terms of getting a property for yourself, the ideas may be numerous. You must be systematic in the approach and touch all the parameters without forgetting even the smallest details. The final agreement signature should be affirmative, and you should not have any second thoughts in your mind.

  1. Cost Price – The obvious first question that comes to anyone's mind is about the cost of the property. You need to check out the price at various construction stages and decide when to make the intelligent purchase that guarantees the best deal. New launch offers, ready-to-move-in property rates, and pre-launch offers are available to suit the demands of different types of property buyers. You have to understand the actual cost, which includes GST, statutory fees, development, and parking expenses. It is better to know about every hidden cost or segregation so that every rupee you spend is accounted for.

  2. Amenities – The next exciting aspect is to match the facilities you have in mind with those offered by the property developers. With all the basic facilities like security, parking space, power backups, waste management, play area, and proper arrangement for any fire mishap, the list of amenities can be average to luxurious. Your dream home becomes real when you can find a home with all the comforting facilities around.

  3. Legal documents and possession date – A lot of paperwork is involved when buying a home. First and foremost is to check whether the developer's property is as per the RERA norms and approval. The second one is to enlist all the valid supporting documents required from your side. Alongside this, you have to confirm whether the developer's terms and conditions are proper and factual. The promises in terms of possession and handing over should always be cross-checked doubly. The final delivery time and the move-in date should be accurate. You are investing, and every word mentioned, and you have the right to verify every bit of information.

Purchasing a home can be easy and comfortable with a sense of confidence and trust in your mind. You need to check the developer's credibility through past buyers and experts and also, based on the reviews, to arrive at the best deal.

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