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5 Home decor ideas for this festive season

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

When the festive season comes, it is time to do the home décor. With the Navaratri, one set of spring cleaning should have already been over in most households. It's time to illuminate the home with lights and colors of joy.

You name any festival, the vim of enthusiasm in the heart of every age group is always high. There are so many ideas floating in the market regarding home décor, and the latest hashtag is the campaign around 'eco–friendly' festive decor; there is enough and more to customize.

Just take a pen and add to the list of seasons' freshness to light up your home and lives with love, happiness, and peace.

  1. Indoor plants for good health – When the festive home décor pitches for cheerful vibes, you can begin by buying indoor plants to add serene bliss and good luck to the home and everybody's life. They add an artistic feel when placed in the living or dining room. You can get these from a nursery or even order online. Some of the perfect options are birds of paradise, Calathea plants, and dragon trees. These plants spread happiness and positivity around the home.

  2. Welcoming table décor – The décor around the dining table can be done to bring family and friends together to spend quality time while enjoying good food. You can arrange the coasters, table mats, and fruit vases with pleasant colors in mind based on an earthy theme. Festive decorative products are a smart way to attract happiness and peace.

  3. Drapes for the bright light – Then comes the topic of round drapes, blinds, or curtains. The entire set must be in sync with the wall color and should not be over-jazzy studded with colors. You should allow ample light to come from outside and ensure that when the lights are lit up inside, the outside world does not know the details inside. The festive shades can be incorporated to add a good backdrop for the riveting family photographs.

  4. Customized wall hangings – When there are 'do-it-yourself 'choices for wall hangings, go for it because it comes with a bounty of benefits. When you get the materials, the family members can team up, learn and make these wall hangings together and feel proud about their masterpieces when they are hung on the walls. With the brilliant concept of reuse and recycling, the idea of environment-friendly and easy budget solutions can be achieved without compromising quality or appeal.

  5. Recycled bottle lights – When the creative artistic side decides to come out, the festive magic comes along. The concept of using the old used bottles to convert them into bright night fairy lights will give the best appeal for a festive party at home. The home décor is also enhanced with fancy lights. With many online tutorials, you can master the art and create wonderful elegant creations.

The joy of giving and sharing will double when the decorations brighten up the home for the festive season.

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