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5 Reasons Why Parents Prefer Gated Communities to Raise Their Children

The evolution of housing is fascinating because it goes through cycles that are often reactions to the previous stages. From community living in villages where everyone knew everyone else, people moved to small towns, where seclusion was possible, and later apartments became the norm. The repercussions of the last stage have been many; sedentary lifestyles compromised security, lack of connections with the community, and asocial children who often flounder in adult life and the workplace. This could be why urban parents with children prefer gated communities over all other forms of housing. Gated communities offer children opportunities to interact with other children and adults in a safe and secure environment besides encouraging them to participate in physical activities. The long-term benefits of gated communities are much more for children, and here are five major reasons why parents prefer them.

Safety and Security :

Gated communities give top-most priority to safety, and only visitors approved by residents can enter the gates. Surveillance systems, including security staff and CCTVs, are in operation 24/7, so the safety of the children is guaranteed, especially when they have to be alone at home for short periods. Due to the absence of high-speed traffic, children can move safely on the inner roads inside, too.

Respect for Other Cultures :

Gated communities have a village-like eco-system where neighbors have good relationships with each other. Urban parents often have longer working hours, and nothing can give them a sense of freedom and relief than the knowledge that their neighbors would keep an eye on the children. Another aspect is the community. Children get to see people from other communities, and often the communities celebrate almost all the festivals with much gaiety. This gives children a sense of respect for all beliefs and rituals and helps them when they start working in global organizations.

Green Space and Play Area :

Gated communities are built keeping children in mind, and the amenities extend to much more than a play area. The activities are aimed at the overall development of children. Thus, there would be parks, bicycle tracks, swimming pools, sports courts, reading rooms, and even small libraries besides crèches which would keep the children occupied and productive. Some gated communities even employ exclusive tutors for children which mean that children don’t need to travel long distances to learn something new.

All-Round Development :

Children grow up with a sense of community in gated communities, as the secure space offers plenty of opportunities for interaction. Celebrations of festivals and other events are done together, giving way to a sense of belonging and the development of emotional intelligence in children. Children who spend their crucial years interacting with different kinds of people grow up to be more rounded personalities who realise that life is more than academic success. Often there are a plethora of contests and fun games which see enthusiastic participation of children. Though a small area, gated communities are a world unto themselves compared to the outside world.

Less Noise and Pollution :

Traffic and speed limits are highly regulated in gated communities, resulting in minimal pollution levels. The spaces are an oasis of calm and green with all the comforts and conveniences of city life, with plenty of trees and fresh air. Most such communities would have energy conservation and other environment-friendly measures, all of which help children realize the need to conserve the environment. Such spaces also encourage children to spend more time outdoors than glued to their screens, which results in better health over time.

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