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5 Smart Diwali Celebration Ideas in Apartment Society

The celebration of light and happiness is around the corner, and the markets are ushering in many surprises for shopping enthusiasts. This is one of the favourite Indian festivals. From time immemorial, the ritual has been followed, keeping in mind the tradition and the precaution when it comes to bursting crackers and sweets galore.

Diwali is all about spreading love and gratitude among one and all. The festival marks the end of darkness in every aspect of life and allows light to enter homes. Here are some great Diwali ideas for your apartment or society to make the most of the festive occasion. With eco-friendly ways of enjoying Diwali with the same fervour, you can be the reason to bring smiles to the home and your society.

  1. Clean the clutter and bring home the lights that sparkle. Yes, the preparation for the grand festival of Diwali starts weeks prior so that every nook and corner is clean. Deep cleaning is done across all the homes to discard old clothes, books, and any products waiting to go out. The housekeeping team and all the society inmates can team up to get the necessary cleaning done along with the special arrangements for Diwali. Get inspired yourself and also motivate others to clean and décor their homes.

  2. Diwali is a festival of gifting, and there is a collection online and offline. The joy of gifting is the most remarkable attraction of this festival. It is a custom to send gifts to everyone at home, the office and even friends, sweets and other exciting presents. This brings a feeling of respect, appreciation, love, and care. The bond of friendship becomes stronger when everyone in the society comes together to celebrate the festival of lights. There will be a smile of happiness on everyone’s face.

  3. The radiance of the light and the dazzling colourful designs of rangoli is a perfect combination for a spectacular Diwali. Children have also started insisting on buying environment-friendly and low-sound firecrackers with the eco-friendly crackers available. You can do wholesale shopping for Diwali by visiting credible and authorized dealers. When more people join together, this will be cost-effective as well.

  4. Since society is a big place, there ought to be a designated place for the celebrations to ensure all the safety protocols. The fire extinguishers should be within reach too. The elders in the family should be with the children to monitor when they are bursting the crackers. After all, the aim would be to appropriately have safety, peace, and joy.

  5. Diwali without sweets is incomplete. The delicacies can be made at home or bought from the best sweet shops in the city. If you plan to make them at home, why not join together with like-minded families and do it together? Another way to celebrate it is to have a pot luck in which everyone brings a delicacy. This not only will be fun but also will improve the bonding between families, and especially children. What matters is the aura to spread love and sweetness in the lives of everyone.

Together when you stand, you shall enjoy the goodness of Diwali with much more opulence and happiness.

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