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7 bathroom styles for your new apartment in Kanuru,Vijayawada

Every home comes with customized designs and structures in architecture that matches the likes of every owner. The bathroom designs are very interesting and, at the same time, challenging because the architect has to be mindful of the details of the functions and fixtures inside.

Since you have become the proud owner of a premium 3/4 BHK Apartments in Kanuru, you can look at some of the bathroom styles suggested by experts. Right from the walls to the windows, everything ought to match the colors and the textures. With an array of designs showcasing unique bathroom styles, you can bring the perfect ones to complement your lifestyle.

  1. If you’re looking for a basic one for your premium 3 bhk apartments in Vijayawada, then you could go for a design that accommodates all the necessities like a shower, toilet, sink, or even a bathtub. Termed as a full-size spacious bathroom, this is economical and, at the same time, offers all the facilities. There could be a suitable version of the same for the large-sized apartments, like in Premium 4 BHK Apartments in Kanuru.

  2. The contemporary style is all about high on space. It allows more light to come inside. Here the use of plantsa or decorative flowers could be a great choice to accentuate the bathroom’s look. Obviously, the room space is more, and the colors are not very bright in this style.

  3. At times bathrooms could give a larger-than-life appeal and is as good as entering a big room. Just like there is a master bedroom, premium 3/4 BHK Apartments in Kanuru can have royal bathrooms where importance to the delicate intricacies is a must.

  4. You can go for quarter-styled bathrooms that are not very big but very appealing for visitors coming in. It need not have a high touch of luxury, yet the basic texture and the facilities should be such that the comfort of guests is well taken care of.

  5. When space is very less, a quickly attached bathroom by the staircase near any of the bedrooms can be the best use of space to quickly wash up when coming from outside. This can be used by anyone in the family or even guests.

  6. When planning your child’s bathroom, ensure the accessories, toilet, and height of the sink can be adjusted accordingly. This is best when there are many children in the house of a similar age group.

  7. After buying 4 BHK flats in Kanuru Vijayawada, the chances are high that you might have used a lot of woodwork in the interiors of the apartment. In that case, the bathroom style can carry the same texture with a wood-clad vanity and wood-effect tiling. You can also have supporting shower fittings to create that rustic and warm ambiance.

With an array of choices available these days, there are some customized style recommendations for the owners who wish to give the bathroom a style that blends with simplicity, exclusivity, class, and of course, the choice of a good brand for the fittings and fixtures.

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