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Bring in good fortune with a well-designed puja room in your new apartment

A home that has a beautiful area meant for spiritual or holy practices is supposed to attract a lot of positive vibes in the lives of the people residing there. When looking out for a home to buy or rent, the basic construction plan for the house is to be kept in mind. Since this is a place of worship, inside the home is a must as per the Vastu. The builders or the interior decorators often pay a lot of attention to the Vastu norms while designing the space for puja purposes.

If you want to have a perfect puja room, you can make a note of a few things.

Positioning or direction of the puja room

Everyone talks about energy in a home, and the puja room is regarded as a zone where positive energy is present at the highest levels. As per the Vastu, it is best to have it in the North or East or North-East part of the home. Also, it is best to have it in the hall or kitchen as everyone can access it easily.

The entrance is to be made of wood

Almost everywhere, the entrance of the puja room has an exquisitely designed door. This is wooden and is carved, giving an ancient and spiritual feel of a temple entrance. Many of the homes have tiny bells adorned on the entrance door for that perfect temple effect.

Keep the inside clutter free and peaceful

You should keep a less number of things inside the pooja room. The basic things that go for the daily ritual, deities, and religious books are the maximum things to be kept. There can be a cabinet made to keep all the essential puja requirements inside. You can take them only when needed.

Wall frames can be simple and specific

The idea of keeping the puja room clean and tidy is to help you concentrate and pray with a relaxed mind. Avoid too many scriptures or chanting across the room. You may keep the simple and shortest one for the most powerful energy attraction. ‘Om’ is a good example.

Special architecture for the extensive puja ritual

For those homes where puja is conducted throughout the day, or if in case people do celebrate festive occasions on a large scale, the puja room in it will be huge. The design can resemble a miniature temple where the deities are placed on a pedestal with four pillar-like structures in the front.

Preserve the sanctity of the puja room

The puja room has lamps lit for prayer, so it is best to use wood for the floor or heat-resistant material. Ensure that there is good ventilation for the smoke of the incense sticks to go out than otherwise. The room should not have broken framed photos or stale flowers. The brass or silver oil lamp should always have a stand or a puja plate as a base.

It would be good if you discuss your requirement with your interior decorator or Vastu consultant well before your housewarming.

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