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Christmas Celebration Ideas for Your Apartment

Granted, most people grew up in houses where the norm was a huge Christmas tree, faux reindeer on the front yard, a nativity scene, and a fireplace decorated with wreaths and stockings. A grand Christmas party and lights all over the house would also have been a mandatory part of the holiday season. But the majority of the urban population lives in apartments today. Does that mean the celebrations should be compromised? Not at all. All you need to do is tweak your thinking a bit and keep in mind that every inch counts. Here are some ideas to celebrate Christmas in an apartment.

The Walls Are Your Canvas

However small your apartment is, you are sure to have at least one spacious wall. Hang a few star-shaped string lights, snowflake ornaments, or stockings on the wall to add a bit of holiday cheer. You can also clip all the Christmas cards you received on the string lights.

Figurines On Shelves

Cute and Christmasy figurines of Santas, snowmen, and angels instantly brighten up your spaces. These can be hung on the balcony, on top of shelves, on the TV stand, and they don’t take up space at all. Of course, if you have small children or pets in the house, the trinkets would have to be above their level of operation. Don’t forget the kitchen spaces, a set of tiny wreaths over the wall shelves will make you feel the festive vibe.

Wreaths and Bouquets

There is no going overboard with reds and greens during Christmas. Arrange bouquets of red poinsettias with pointy green leaves from your balcony garden or the flower shop nearby, in vases or as wreaths. Not only do they instantly give off a Christmas vibe, but you can also keep exploring new arrangements all through the season. You can even add tiny Christmas ornaments on these if you don’t have the space for a tree.

Cushion Covers and Table Runners

There is no shortage of Christmas-themed table linen and furnishings these days. A green table runner on your dining table with a red tablecloth itself can transform your apartment into a celebratory mood in a trice. Add a floral centerpiece if space allows it. Match them with Santa-themed table napkins and cushion covers for the living room sofa.


There’s no Christmas without candles, whether you live in a mansion or a minivan. Go creative with the candles and place them in wreath holders or tie the bottom with red ribbons. Have you got mason jars lying around? Put a floating candle and a sprig of green with red cherries on top. Light all of them up during your Christmas dinner, and you are sure to experience the true magic of the festival.

The Tree

Yes, we know you don’t have the space or energy to lug in a massive Christmas tree up three flights of stairs. But there are trees of all sizes and shapes available in the stores today, which look as good as the real ones when decked up. Go minimal with the décor on your mini/micro tree, and pick the most elegant of ornaments, lights in a single color with a matching star on top, baubles in dull gold, etc.

Ready to welcome Santa, right?

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