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Create some drama with canopy beds

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Is your regular bed looking too drab and dreary? Then consider converting your regular bed into a canopy. Canopy bed is a timeless trend that can instantly turn your bedroom into a luxurious retreat and even give it a royal touch. Though there is a perception that canopy beds can take up too much space in one’s bedroom, the truth is that with time, the designs have become more structured and less elaborate, thus adapting to modern house setups.

Use canopy as an anchor in a large bedroom

If you are planning to add canopy to your large bedroom, consider the rest of the furniture and color palette in the room. The canopy bed should stand out as the center of attraction of the room. Since canopy beds are timeless classics, they never go out of style and will add a touch of luxury to your room. Make it dreamy by opting for white fabrics and luxurious drapes. A plush white bedding and provide a sophisticated look.

Have a small bedroom? Opt for a simple design!

Canopy beds need not always be elaborate and extravagant. If your bedroom is small in size, opt for canopy designs that match the color palette of your room. Go for a drape that would seamlessly blend with the rest of the room and the furniture. A simple design will not look too cluttered, but at the same time, will add a certain zing to the bed. You can even fix a drapery rod to the ceiling, one over each end of the bed and use tiebacks to keep the long fabric in place.

Give it a romantic touch

Who wouldn't want to wake up in a comfortable, peaceful bed with filtered light streaming in through transparent draperies? Make your bed high on drama with silk, velvet, sheer, organza or chiffon fabric for the drapes. The drapes can also provide a room within a room, akin to a mini suite, and give some additional privacy. Blend romance and mystery with some sensuous fragrance. Make it as dreamy as you can, just as in a fairytale.

Go for earthy tones for a relaxed vibe

After a long day at work, you unwind in your bedroom. You need to rest, relax and rejuvenate. Make sure your bed is made of organically woven material, regardless of style, so you can have a good night's sleep and wake up feeling entirely rejuvenated. You can choose earthy textures and natural colors to give that relaxed vibe. Evoke calming vibes by going au natural.

Choose the right fabric

The traditional fabrics used for canopy beds are silk, velvet, tapestry or floral chintz. These days cotton, chiffon, organza, and sheer are also widely used. Bed hangings for canopy beds are usually cut in a way that when they are hung, they touch the floor. The panel should extend to the floor on all sides. The tiebacks will pull the fabric off the floor, so ensure that you cut them a tad longer. When you clean the floor, lift the fabric completely. Soft, tranquil hues can help get a good night’s sleep.

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