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Creative ideas to divide rooms without walls

Have you been thinking of dividing your room into two portions? Creating two different spaces within a room can be a conundrum. However, what's interesting is that you need not build a wall to generate more usable spaces. You can now set up a room within a room with screens, curtains, open shelves, sliding partitions, and even a counter. Room dividers not only bring in a lot of privacy but can also double up as furniture.

Accentuate the room with screens

Screens not only look appealing but can also act as the perfect room divider. You can pick a divider that suits your space and budget. While wooden screens can provide an earthy touch to the room, slatted screens can be swiveled shut when you require some privacy. If you do not want to install permanent screens, you can opt for portable ones. These innovative dividers can perk up the look of any room.

Curtains and blinds to jazz up the style

If you are living in a shared space and are low on budget, then think no further than curtains. What you can do is hang a curtain across the room. When you need more space, you can open them up completely. They are not only budget-friendly, but you can also remove them and take them along when you are moving out. Choose a curtain based on the purpose of the partition. There are versatile and trendy options available in the market. Blinds, too, can effectively mask the entire view of the other side of the room. They are easy to assemble, breezy, and do not take up a lot of space.

Play up the storage cabinets

Storage cabinets are not only useful for stacking up all your belongings but are extremely smart solutions to separate a room. Floor-to-ceiling bookcases or shelves can also serve the purpose. You can even hang tapestries or wallpaper on the backside of the cabinet. If you have artifacts in the house, you can keep an open cabinet so that the artifacts are visible from both sides. You can even keep books there.

Sliding doors or panels for the rescue

Sliding doors can completely cut out sight, sound, and smell, thus, acting as perfect dividers. They are suspended, hidden, or even staged. Get a sliding door that matches your decor, and you can opt for opaque, transparent, or even plain. Another interesting feature would be a sliding panel. They follow the same principles as sliding doors but are relatively cheaper. These removable panels can liven up the space.

Set up a counter

Counters are ideal open partitions. These are ideal for dividing the kitchen and dining room. These partitions do not hinder the view of the house but, at the same, draw a soft boundary around the space. This can completely transform your cooking space. You can even put up a breakfast corner at the counter. Add a hanging light, and voila, you have a beautiful kitchen-cum-dining room.

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