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Designing your kids' rooms

Designing your kids' room is one of those projects where you don't need to follow any rule whatsoever as long as your child's safety and comfort are not compromised. Bright yellow and duck-themed? Blue with clouds on the walls? Truck-shaped bunk beds? They would welcome all or any of them with cheers from your little one(s). At the same time, certain pointers might help keep the room as functional as cute.

Bed on the floor

That's one worry off your list – whether your kid will roll off the bed or the top bunk. The bed on the floor can be turned into a play space or a cozy reading corner during the day if you cover it with a bedspread. However, if you wish to save space on the floor, you can also consider a bunk bed with safety railings all around.

Scribbling board wall

Let's face it, kids will draw on the walls, come what may. Instead of endlessly trying to stop them, transform one of the walls into a scribbling area. This can be a wall with washable paint or a stick-on white or blackboard, which can be re-used. Encourage them to draw and write all they want on this wall so that the rest of the house remains clean. Alternately, turn the back of the door into a scribbling pad so that the mess remains invisible when the door is open.

Gender-neutral colors

Pretty pink for the girls and baby blue for the boys; it is actually old. Unless your kid insists, go for gender-neutral colors like shades of yellow, orange, purple, or green, as your child wishes. You can also create a theme according to their favorite cartoon or comic character and add little details here and there. However, beware, since kids' tastes change as quickly, and within months they might be begging you to change the room's theme. A better option would be to add a few removable items for the theme and paint the room neutral.


It's a myth that kids are interested only in Disney characters. Each child is different, and your child might actually love it if you make their room nature-themed. Put up a few greens here and there and opt for a jungle or waterfall wallpaper with animal-themed cushions and bedsheets. Hang bamboo wind chimes or faux creepers from the ceiling. You can even install a tent for a camp effect which will surely thrill the little ones in the house. Put up battery string lights in the tent for full effect at night.

Storage is important

Kids will be kids, but having their own room doesn't mean it can stay permanently messy. Make some ground rules from day one so that it becomes part of their routine to put away any toys, books, or clothes from the floor after they are done with it. Top shelves can be difficult to reach for kids, so try for storage boxes or baskets that can be kept in a corner. Ask the kids themselves to clear up their mess to feel ownership about their room.

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