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Host a memorable housewarming party in your apartment

Moving into your newly purchased apartment is a matter of pride for everyone. It is also the time to let the world know that you’re the proud owner of a dwelling. And how can it be devoid of celebrations? When it comes to a housewarming, there will be a lot of suggestions and advice from around. But do not get confused with the multitude of options. Here are a few ideas you can weigh before finalizing the plan.

While some families move in before the total completion of the house due to religious beliefs, others would want to host a housewarming only after it is ready to move in.

It makes sense if you throw a housewarming party after the completion so that you can take your guests on a tour of your priced possession.

Well-planned is half-done is true in moving to a new house. Have a plan in place. If you plan to have religious ceremonies like homam or puja, arrange a priest for it. Often, the puja is held in the morning, and it will help if you keep your party for lunch or dinner. Otherwise, guests may feel left out while you participate in the puja.

Guest list: Create a guest list and include your families and friends. Do not miss out on your spouse’s children’s friends. Depending on your budget and how many you can accommodate, you can trim or extend your guest list. In Navah Invicon, you have spacious halls which you can book for your party. The state-of-the-art amenities and stunning décor is sure to amaze your guests.

Have a theme: You can be innovative in the housewarming party and include fun games of activities. Another option is to throw a pool party. If you own a pool or your new home is in a gated community with a pool, this becomes possible, and guests will surely enjoy the same.

Invitations: Gone are the days when people visited shops to select invitations. There are a plethora of options online, and you can create your own unique invites. The sky is the limit regarding online designs; you can choose from free to paid templates. While hosting the housewarming party, do not leave being your new neighbors. Do visit them and invite them, too. This will help you make friends before you start living in your new home.

Décor: If you are hosting a party in your new home, ensure you have not stuffed the whole place with your new furniture. Guests would love to have some space to move around. Similarly, do not dump all your exotic showpieces and heirloom items. Chances are there, it may suffer damage, especially if your guest list has lively children who want to run around and play.

Food: Delicious food served with love will make all the difference. Finger foods and welcome drinks are a must. Traditionally, people prefer to serve proper meals to their guests for housewarmings. You can either hire a cook or order the food from outside. It can be either a sit-down affair or a buffet system. If you are expecting older people and several children, having a sit-down meal is ideal. Ensure you have proper seating arrangements for the guests. From recorded music to live gigs, there are many ways to entertain them. Take your guests around and show them the house while serving them delicacies.

Return gifts: While the guests depart, hand over them some thoughtful gifts and thank them for their time and wishes. You can also send an email or thanks message the day after the party.

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