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How does a gym and fitness center in your residential apartment make a difference to your lifestyle?

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of immunity and fitness once again. Everyone wants to lead a healthy and fit life, but the everyday grind of work and travel often leaves significantly less time to hit the gym. And going and working out in the gym is not easy, especially for those with young kids at home as the distance and travel time play spoilsport. It’s here the fitness facilities in apartments come to the rescue. Understanding this critical aspect, more developers are coming up with gyms and fitness centers in their projects.

Having a facility to exercise within your complex makes sure you save time on travel and fuel. Hitting a gym located in your complex is a relief for everyone as one need not have to venture out early in the morning or late evening for exercising. The safety and security of hitting the gym in your apartment complex is a big boon for the residents and no wonder that an inbuilt gym in the complex is a great attraction not only for apartment buyers but also for tenants. Accessibility or the distance of a fitness center from home is a significant criterion while making a purchase decision.

It is estimated that the Indian fitness industry will turn into a $90 billion market by 2022. It shows our changing view of health and fitness. However, the convenience factor is one of the most significant barriers to joining a gym or engaging in a fitness activity. People may avoid going to the gym due to inclement weather or traffic. No doubt, waking up in the morning to find a gym only 30 seconds away from your door can make a massive difference in the lives of the residents.

Real estate developers have recognized this need and capitalized on it to create residential projects that offer a healthy living experience with various fitness amenities such as a gym, jogging track, swimming pool, and sports arena. Many apartment complexes now have a dedicated fitness center with a variety of exercise programs. These fitness centers are a fantastic source of convenience for residents and add significant value to any residential complex.

The shift towards fitness resulted from living extremely fast-paced lives, leading to lifestyle issues impacting health. Today, people are returning to their roots and consider physical well-being an essential component of emotional health. As a result, there is an increased demand for amenities that promote health and wellness.

Residential complexes that address the physical and emotional well-being of people are in high demand. Today, fitness amenities are not limited to a well-stocked gym with treadmills. The residential complexes have yoga rooms with proper ambiance, jogging tracks, and landscaping, swimming pools, community hall, indoor game options like table tennis, pool or snooker, outdoor game areas like badminton and tennis courts, volleyball, and volleyball basketball courts, gym with proper equipment and trainers.

While standalone homes or small apartment complexes won’t match the expectation for a healthy living experience, gated communities go a long way, offering all the above at unimaginably low costs. Navah by Invicon in Kanuru, Vijayawada comes with all the above amenities promising a wellness-inspired lifestyle.

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