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IDY Techniques To Make Your Room Look Bigger

While buying an apartment is a dream come true, making it look the way you want is another dream for many. Fret not; we can make the room look more spacious with some innovative techniques. Let's see what these techniques are.


A mirror does the trick as they reflect any light in the room. It gives the appearance of a more open space. All you have to do for maximum impact is hang mirrors on walls opposite windows, the key source of natural light, which will help bounce light around the room.

Furniture Off The Ground

Another technique is that while choosing the furniture; make sure that you buy that furniture where the legs are raised off the ground, thus allowing more light to flow through the room. It only makes the room feel airy but also gives the impression that it is more spacious. Care has to be taken while choosing furniture as you need to pick compact-sized ones instead of heavy items such as oversized sofas with skirting. That will certainly interrupt the line of sight and thus make the room look much smaller and congested.

Faking Windows

How can you make your windows look larger? A bit of faking helps. All you have to do is mount curtain rods closer to the ceiling or well past the width of the window ever so slightly. This faking trick will at once make your windows and room seem much larger to maximize available natural light.

Space Management

Space management is an art. Instead of arranging the entire furniture against the walls, consider bringing these items out into the floor. You can arrange the bed in the corner of your room. The usual thinking is that the rooms will give an impression of having more space when all the furniture is pushed toward the wall, but the fact of the matter is just the opposite.


Lighting also plays an important role in giving the impression that your room is fairly bigger. While opting for the colours of the paint for your room, always prefer light and bright colours. Why? Because light and bright colours will reflect light to make the room seem larger instantaneously. If you use dark colour paint, the room will look smaller than the actual size.

Multi-function Pieces

Choose furniture that serves a dual purpose. For instance, pick up a furniture item with a coffee table that boasts storage. These types of two-in-one pieces will not only cut down on your room's furniture but also create ample space and the illusion of a larger room.

Removing Window Treatments

Removing the heavy drapes or window treatments will instantly transform your space and open it up. You can replace the window treatments with sheer curtains or rolling-type stuff made of bamboo so that it can be rolled up when the sun comes up to let in the light and closed when the sun sets.

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