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Interior design trend you can look for in 2023

There is no denying that the COVID-19 pandemic made us fall in love with our homes again and again. After converting our homes to work-from-home places, 2023 is all set to release the homes from the clutches of stress from work-from-home.

The pandemic also made us more aware of healthy living and sustainability. The need to have separate spaces for work and living also gave rise to subtle partitions. Let's look at what we can look forward to in 2023 in the interior décor arena.


People are more aware of environmental issues, and most are trying to balance them by opting for eco-friendly materials and upcycled stuff in their interiors. 2023 may see more recycled and upcycled materials brightening homes in the form of furniture, wall hangings, and lamp holders.

Traditional yet modern

People have found that while going modern, they want to keep a couple of statement pieces of furniture from their families. Be it a rocking chair or a traditional swing, more families opt to add a traditional touch to their contemporary designs. Curved furniture, arches, and traditional pieces are in vogue. So, go and add an old-world charm to your interiors confidently.

Contemporary touch

Loud designs and colors seem to be on their way out. People look for clean lines, muted colors, and minimal and aesthetic décor. While looking for a seamless blend of functional furniture, woodwork gives them a sense of warmth.

Subtle partitions and semi-open spaces

The trend of open spaces seems to be passé. The demand is more for semi-open spaces where people use glass, jail, and sheer curtains to segregate spaces. Similarly, open cupboards give way to closed and hidden racks and storage spaces. Separate spaces offer more private and semi-private areas for people within their homes and allow for more occasions to give each area its own appeal and function.

Wellness areas

With increased awareness of healthy living, mental wellness is also a top priority for most people. You can easily create a meditation corner and keep an indoor garden. Small water bodies can add a lot of serenity. You can convert your backyard or balcony to create meditation areas by adding a Buddha statue and decorating the space with moss frames and small green patches to give it a positive vibe and a spa-like ambiance.

White as an accent

While white is an eternal favorite, many prefer to use white as an accent color. While the year's flavor is obviously pastel hues, white as an accent color is gaining popularity. From an all-white kitchen and storage, earthy colors are making a comeback. People use more wood tones and natural stones in kitchens while using white as an accent. From smart storage mechanisms to subtle partitions and including a breakfast counter, people are looking for a kitchen that is easy to clean and maintain.


Whatever the trend, keeping the home clean and clutter-free is also important for mental well-being. Instead of stuffing every room in the house with luxe stuff, adding a touch of minimalism will help people relax. Natural materials like stone, marble, and wood can give a minimalist look. Use soft neutral tones like creams and beiges wherever possible.

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