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Know the benefits of owning an apartment on the top floor

With the burgeoning population, high-rises have become the norm in most cities. While home buyers look at several factors like location, accessibility, amenities, the number of units, flooring, and fittings, there is another factor that many will not heed much attention.

It is nothing but the benefits of buying a unit on an apartment's top floor. There are many advantages of having an apartment on the top floor. Let's look at them here.

Safety and Security

The crime threat is very less on higher floors. Besides security guards, controlled access, and CCTV surveillance, there is a lower intrusion of unknown and unauthorized people to the top floor. Break-ins on the top floor are almost impossible and offer you and your family an additional layer of security.

Unobstructed view

Even in gated communities, not all apartments will get exclusivity. However, apartments on the top floor offer a respite from the cramped feeling and provide a good view of the city or surroundings. This will surely add to your happiness quotient and boost your emotional state. It also helps to enjoy a private experience. Since the lower floors will have a lot of people movement, the top floor will be saved from that. It is pretty unlikely to be facing adjoining buildings, which offers you privacy in the comfort of your home.

Natural ventilation

Than the lower floors, the top floors offer better natural ventilation. You can be assured of plenty of light and fresh air. Also, you will feel that your home is more spacious. It also gives you an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. When you are on the top floor, traffic and other noisy distractions will not bother you. There will be less noise pollution on the top floor than on the lower floors.

Health benefits

Also, if you decide to avoid elevators and opt to climb the stairs, it will give you a good workout. Without hitting the gym, you can exercise your legs, muscles, and heart by climbing stairs.

The air in cities is polluted with vehicular movement and dust. But the top floors in luxury flats are less prone to air, noise, and light pollution. The noise and dust don't reach the top floor that easily, and there will not be many buildings to stop the light from falling directly onto your home.

The disadvantages

The top floors come with an increased price. Hence, apartments on the top floor are considered premium. But this can give an extra aura of exclusivity to top-floor flats.


Whether to invest in an apartment on the top floor or the lower floor is a home buyer's decision. Certainly, owning a flat on the top floor has many benefits. With scenic views and away from the chaos of the city, the top floor could be a win-win for you. Living on an upper floor gives you uninterrupted, superior views of the city's skyline. This exclusivity is enhanced when your apartment is near a lake, sea, greenery, etc.

One should look for a top-floor apartment if they are getting a panoramic view and do not foresee any future construction that can block the same. A top-floor apartment is good if you have multiple lifts with generator backup. You just need to ensure that there is good water pressure, the terrace slab's insulation is pucca, waterproofing is of good quality, and fire fighting measures are in place.

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