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Make your living room stand out with these ideas

Are you moving to your first apartment or getting one of your own for the first time? You might feel overwhelmed as you would have a million ideas to decorate it, especially the living room. But remember, there is no right or wrong here, and stylish and functional can go together. Also, you and your family are the ones who are going to use your living room most, so prioritize your needs and tastes over the trends.

Here are a few basics which will help you get going in the right direction :


Your living room might be chic and trendy from top to bottom, but all that effort might go to waste without good lighting. Always look for an apartment with large windows or a balcony in the living room, and don't block out the light during the day. Always have a pair of two pairs of curtains for the windows, one of which can be sheer white or ivory. A pendant lamp or a contemporary chandelier can be the centerpiece, while recessed downlights on the ceiling can be installed strategically in the rest of the room. Black spotlights or accent lights can light up the artworks on the walls and the trinkets and books on your shelves if any. Always go for warm, soft hues unless you are an avid reader, of course.


Opt for floor-to-ceiling curtains to create an illusion of space and a light, airy feel. If you are a plant person, you can consider curtains in muted shades of green with botanical patterns to go with your potted friends. Florals might seem dated, but they can instantly brighten up a room and bring on an old-world charm.

Boho-themed décor

There was a time when they considered classic and sober the only acceptable option for a family living room. But not anymore. Boho is in today, especially for the young free spirits, and every item in your living room can reflect who you are as a person or a couple. Think recycling wooden furniture and picture frames with pinks and yellows, Aztec printed rugs, leafy plants, and printed pillowcases. The key is to hand-pick accessories and furniture for which you might have to scout thrift stores, contemporary artists' studios, and street markets. There's a thin line between delightfully boho and over-the-top, so try to find that right balance.

Classic minimalist

If your idea of a living room is one where you want to relax and read a book quietly at the end of the day with your loved one, classic minimalist is the style for you. Rest not until you find the right mirror that can highlight your living room. Team it up with antique furniture, ample bookshelves, and drapes in neutral colors. Instead of going for multiple decor pieces, look for one large artwork that reflects your tastes. If you have the space for it, finish it off with a wooden swing that can be functional and classy.

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