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Mistakes to avoid while designing your bathroom

They say the best ideas come to you in the bathroom. It is said that some of the best ideas come to you in the bathroom. Many consider what happens in the bathroom sets the mood for the rest of the day. It is the space where you introspect, indulge, relax and rejuvenate. This is where you are free! So, ensure you avoid these common mistakes while building and redesigning the bathroom.

Poor ventilation

The bathroom is the most humid and damp room in the house, making it an ideal breeding ground for mold. Ensure there is a lot of natural ventilation and good air circulation to keep excess moisture at bay. If windows are not an option, make sure you have an exhaust fan. It will not only pull out moisture-laden air but also any bathroom odor. You can opt for a fan with humidistat, a feature where the fan automatically turns on when the bathroom's moisture level increases.

Opening the door to the toilet

Opening the bathroom door to the toilet is not a pleasant sight. It also cuts down on your privacy. When designing the bathroom, make sure the toilet is tucked away in the corner of the bathroom. Also, ensure there is enough elbow room on either side of the toilet. This way, the toilet will be out of sight even if the bathroom door is left open. If plumbing is feasible, try building in-wall toilets to save space.

Not enough storage space

A built-in rack with shelves, wall shelves, and overhead storage shelves can add more storage space and give your bathroom a more organized look. The biggest advantage of built-in shelves is that they do not take up floor space. This way, you can avoid the clutter on the countertop as well. You can also add towel rails, mirrors, and lighting on the wall and include baskets and segmented bins to store smaller items, to utilize every inch of the space.

Forgetting privacy

While your bathroom window has to allow in ample natural light and air, at the same time, it has to ensure your privacy as well. The best way to do this is to build your window high up on the wall. If you have a bathtub that is placed so that you can enjoy the view outside, add some shutters to the window. You can try shades, blinds, or frosting on the windows. Also, try to add a pop of color to it.

Insufficient lighting

Bad bathroom lighting can not only take away the charm of the bathroom but can also be dangerous. On the other hand, good lighting can make your bathroom look bigger and more luxurious. You can plan layered lighting for different light sources- a powerful light for the vanity mirror, mood lighting for the bathtub, or strong lights for the wall. Ensure the lights can be turned on independently and do not get wet. You can also opt for more energy-efficient LEDs. The lights, wall, and bathroom tiles should complement each other.

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