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Reasons You Should Buy an Apartment with a Good Balcony

The pandemic and the on-and-off lockdowns have left most city dwellers cooped up inside their apartments. And it was probably the time when those with balconies realized the value of it. An apartment with a balcony would never feel cramped, while one without it would feel stuffy, however big, which is why one should always opt for an apartment with a balcony, even if it costs a little more. Because ultimately, a connection with the outdoors is a basic need for human beings.

Here are a few benefits of having a balcony in your apartment:

Your Mornings Are Made

Beginning the day with a cup of freshly brewed coffee on your balcony, listening to the chirping of birds outside can make a huge difference in your life. In fact, fresh air and morning sunshine is said to boost your happy hormones as well as that much-needed Vitamin D. Want to unwind after a stressful day at work? Head to your balcony and feel the cool evening breeze hit your face.

Navah by Invicon in Kanuru, Vijayawada, is built with this in mind. The spacious apartments have balconies that give you a refreshing view of greenery.

Light and Air in the House

Let’s face it. Living in a crowded city in a concrete jungle is terrible enough, and you don’t want a stuffy apartment to add to the trauma. A balcony can bring in light and fresh air into the house and project a sense of space. Install netting if mosquitoes are a problem, and there, you can leave your balcony doors open all day! Not only will it cool down the temperature inside, but you also have a place where guests can chill when you are entertaining.

Space for a Garden

A touch of green can transform a brick and mortar building into a home, and as we all know, plants need the sun. A balcony done up with potted plants, a few wall hangings, and a couple of patio chairs can be your Zen space to read a book or meditate. Install a hanging pot of water for the birds, and you would be sure to get a few feathered visitors every day looking for a drink or a bath.

Pets and Kids Get Breathing Space

Adults could very well watch TV or read for hours but not toddlers or pets. There’s a limit to staying indoors, and the only breathing space in a high rise would be a balcony for their bursts of energy. We know pets spend hours on the balcony happily watching the scenes below while the birds, greenery, and movements outside can distract cranky kids. In fact, some parents cover up their balconies with grills or glass so that kids can be left alone there for hours, entertaining themselves.

Balconies can also be used as a workspace during COVID-19 if it has the necessary plug points, etc. What could be better than spending eight hours of the day on a cozy balcony, watching the birds and the sky?

Well, found your apartment with a balcony and a splendid view? Buy it already!

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