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Sliding Doors- Your Best Bet For Space Saving

Homes are always about comfort and a feel of spaciousness—nothing like introducing a little bit of innovation here and there. Sliding doors are one of the simplest innovations to provide egress from one living area to another.

They are space-saving, easy to maintain, and lend an elegant, sleek look to your home’s interiors. It is said that sliding doors were introduced in Europe and North America nearly a century ago. They were earlier part of Japanese architecture too. Now, sliding doors have become standard elements in the residential and hospitality sector.

These doors give a magical touch to rooms, especially when we take our friends and relatives around the property. A sliding glass door, when closed, provides a pleasant view and allows passive daylighting and roominess. When opened, it lets in the fresh air, copious sunlight, and access to the patio, balcony, or even another part of the house.

Disappearing panels

Generally, they consist of 2/3 panels that slide on railings or wall pockets. They also completely disappear into a panel on walls for a ‘wide open’ indoor-outdoor experience. Nowadays, these panels can be controlled using a remote and many technical and structural innovations have been introduced in the market.

Even though these doors blur the space between two parts of a building, we can still notice the railings on the floor. All the glass panels can be suspended from above for a trackless and interrupted floor plane. When needed, they can silently drop down to give us that private space.

The sliding doors are used not only in patios, balconies, or upper decks but also in bathroom shower doors. The bottom line is that we can consider a sliding door and design it according to our need for privacy or partial isolation in specific sections of our homes.

Kinds of sliding doors

We can have various types of sliding doors. Right from its frame to the type of glass to its moving parts can be made of different materials in accordance with the purpose it would serve to the loved ones inside a home.

The door frames can be made of wood, aluminium, stainless steel, or PVC (popular material). Different types of glass can be used for the door - a completely glazed one, transparent glass. For the frames, wood with architectural style or PVC and so on can be used.

Elegant and chic doors

The stylish and sleek-looking sliding glass doors have replaced the huge wooden doors over some time. They add aesthetics to our private space. We can have a sliding glass door with a simple wooden frame for an authentic chic look. This kind of door can match any style of interior seamlessly. They are a classic combination that will give a unique touch to our bedroom or living room that will open into a balcony to give a view of the beautiful outdoor scenery.

We should try an aluminium glass sliding door design to give our rooms a sleek look. They are easy to maintain and perfect for both living rooms and bedrooms with balconies. Long curtains will cast a magical spell in the room and give a chic feel.

Privacy of kitchens

The sliding glass door can be specifically designed to separate the kitchen from the living room. When it comes to the kitchen, the material of the door should be given another thought. If we want to go with an open kitchen yet want a demarcated cooking space, then a glass sliding door works well.

A clear glass partition will help show off our modular kitchen, expensive crockery, or the fine china tea set. But, nothing like a well-designed thick translucent sliding glass door to usher in privacy. Even if unexpected guests walk in, we just need to press a button to bring down the walls to hide an unclean kitchen. This is a better idea than having a plain glass partition with curtains. We can enjoy the best of both!

These translucent panels will look excellent if they have geometric patterns carved on them. They will bring depth to the living area and give the home a modern look. These simple but elegant doors will be perfect to create a small and cosy private space within rooms too.

Patio, bathrooms

The patio and bathrooms are the best spaces to flaunt a glass sliding door. A glass sliding door in your patio highlights its look when we jam with friends during the weekend. It also gives us privacy if we want to spend some time alone over a coffee in the evenings. With soft lighting and appropriate floor design, we can sit in a hammock or swing and look at the indoor plants to de-stress and bring a beach vibe bang into the home.

It is better to be safe than sorry is what bathrooms are all about. For cleanliness or to protect ourselves from slippery floors, it is best to have demarcated wet and dry floor areas inside the bathroom. Fixing a sliding glass door is the best way to separate the shower area from the rest of the bathroom. It will make the bathroom look spacious and easy to maintain.

Stylish sliding for wardrobe, windows

A sliding glass door for the wardrobe lends a chic look to the bedroom. Especially if the sliding door has a mirror fitted, we can use it as a dressing space too. Just push the door, pick up what you want, and try it on. Proper illumination around the doors adds luxury and value to our space. An illusion of a larger area is an added advantage.

If the window near the wardrobe is also fitted with a glass sliding door, it will make the entire bedroom serene. Natural light will blend with the lights fitted in the wardrobe and near the window to create a positive vibe. Especially white frames made of PVC for the sliding doors will blend seamlessly with any furniture and flooring.


If the sliding doors are used to separate the living room or hall and the balcony, then one has to necessarily consider the material of the door from the security point of view. They should be prevented from being lifted off their rails and therefore need anti-lift blocks to prevent unauthorized entry. A portable security bar can be used for added security when we travel or go away for a long period.

But do not overdo the glass door magic. Just go minimal and let the glass doors gradually gain prominence in all spaces. Now, more homeowners acknowledge that sliding doors are an elegant way to spruce up the interiors and optimize space. Now, pick the best sliding door design for your home.

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