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Tips for designing a Home GYM

With the pandemic seeming never-ending anytime soon and going to gyms becoming more difficult, the home has turned out to one of the safest places to get one’s daily workout fix. If you have the luxury of space and do not want to spend your hard-earned money on expensive gym memberships, then why not invest in a home gym. You can not only up your fitness game in the comforts of the home but can also use the space to bond with family.

Pick the right room

If there is an extra room in the house lying unused, you could try turning that into your dream home gym. If it’s a spare bedroom, that would be even better as you can use the closet to store your gym equipment and work out privately. Think basement, attic, garage, or extra room and turn it into a workout zone. If you do not have space, you could even convert a nook in the house into a fitness zone and if need be, try concealing it with a floor-to-ceiling curtain. Ensure the room has enough ventilation and is airy.

Tailor the home gym to your taste

You need to ensure that the home gym is to your liking so that it serves as a motivation to move your body. Consider the aspects that work for you – colors, patterns, wall décor, mirrors, music system, and storage – everything. While your home gym should be functional and inviting enough for you to spend some quality time there. Get a mirror so that the room looks bigger and you get motivated every time you see yourself sweating it out. Set the right mood for your routine.

Consider the equipment for the gym

Do not just pile up equipment in the spare room. Consider the different kinds of workouts you will be doing there. Heavy-duty activities require weights, treadmill, kettlebell, medicine balls, dumb bells, pull-up bar. Exercises like pushups, squats, and lunges do not require a lot of equipment or a quiet yoga or Pilates retreat. If you are getting equipment like a treadmill, ensure the electric sockets do not have loose wires hanging around in the room. Also, ensure you leave space for stretching exercises. After all, no one wants to walk into a room full of machines and feel claustrophobic.

Check on the floor and the walls

Since you want to work up a sweat in the room, ensure it is airy. The floor and wall should be durable and, at the same time, easy to clean as well. Try laying rubber mats on the floor to avoid any damage caused by the heavy equipment. Moreover, rubber mats will prevent jarring sounds while using the machines. Keep your room clutter-free by opting for vertical storage. You can try installing pegboards, shelving units, or floating shelves. You can paint the walls in uplifting colors to jazz up the look. You can even have a scenic painting on the wall to give you a feel of working outdoors.

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