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Tips on How to Choose Curtains

So you have found the perfect upholstery for your furniture, the décor and rugs to go with it. The only thing left to choose is the curtains. But remember, they can transform your home instantly or ruin the look equally fast, so choose carefully. Here are some aspects which you can consider when choosing suitable curtains for your home.

The right print and colors

What is your style? Classic? Minimalistic? Bohemian? Pick your curtains accordingly. While the curtains should match the rest of the room, they need not be the same color. They can be of a complementing color or prints from the same palette. A safe option is one shade darker or lighter than the walls of your room. You can also try choosing a color from the upholstery and décor, contrasting the wall colors. Avoid bright prints unless the rest of the room is wholly muted with neutral colors.

The right material

Your curtains should match the room in texture, but think of their main purpose first. Do you want them for privacy or for blocking out the sunlight? In most Indian apartments, it would be both, so keep that in mind, whatever the style. Ideally, layer the curtains of your main window or balcony with sheers in white cotton or linen. This will allow the light in a while, providing a little privacy during the day. They also add a fresh and clean look to your room. On the other hand, Silk and velvet will hang nicely and give off a luxurious feel to the room. However, they are difficult to wash, and you might have to consider vacuuming instead.

The right size

Instead of fitting the curtains to the exact window size, fix the rod a few inches above the frame and a few inches wider. This will make the room appear larger and make the pleats fall well. In terms of width, cut the curtains at double the width of the windows. For large windows and balconies, curtains can touch the floor or stop a few inches above, always the more convenient option.


The window toppers or the small pleated curtains above the curtains, the ornamental ropes you tie back your curtains can all add to the room's look, so choose them carefully as well. If you want to pretty up things a little, think laces, bows, nets, etc. However, these might not be easy to maintain, especially if there are children or pets in the house. An advantage is that you can keep changing the accessories, unlike the curtains.

Think out of the box

There are no hard and fast rules for covering up your windows. Think Roman blinds in different prints or bamboo blinds for an eco-friendly alternative. When done well, they are not just functional but give your room a minimalistic yet elegant feel. Curtain panels are another option that may be more difficult to install but are much easier to clean. You can even think of shutters or café curtains for the kitchen and study rooms, which cover just half the window.

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