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Tips to purchase a flat with expected ROI

Real Estate is always a preferred investment option for almost everyone. You buy an apartment or house not only to own it but also to enjoy the benefits of your hard work. Many times, we use up all our savings or avail of a heavy loan to just own a roof over our heads. Still, it is always the best profitable investment option compared to the stock market or mutual funds to the stock market or mutual funds, it is always the best profitable investment option.

If you have saved enough money for an investment and wish to get a good ‘Returns on Investment’ (ROI), then Real Estate should be your first choice. There are immense benefits this investment would give. But, before buying a new home, there are points to ponder before taking that leap of faith.

Location matters

You should be happy with the location of the project (apartments) and the layout of the home. Both these aspects should suit your and your family’s needs. Never move into an apartment thinking, adjustments can be done later on.

The location of your home plays an important role in your home-buying checklist. Choose an apartment that is not far from your working place. You should not spend hours traveling to and from the office and schools. This will have a telling effect on your physical and mental health.

Certain locations are very convenient and certain areas are evergreen. Such purchases are lucrative ones as the property price appreciates at a good pace. This is the exact ‘Return on Investment’, a buyer aims at. But, some locations do not develop much and the rent obtained from them is less. But, not everyone can afford a good and developing locality and you can always go in for the next best option which might develop over a period of time and give you more returns. Assessing the scope of a location is of utmost importance when you expect an ROI.


Never stretch your finances beyond your means, when it comes to investing in a home. Take note of market rates, guideline value, and other infrastructure the home has. What does the builder provide? Is he giving you lofts, wardrobes, kind of flooring, false roofing, etc? If these things are not part of the apartment’s price, then you must be ready to invest in them. The kind of tiles, wallpaper, and paints you will go for, all determine your affordability.

Think twice before taking any decision regarding these aspects of your home. But if you invest in them wisely, then resale of the apartment is easy or you can consider going in for such a deal boldly, as buyers always look out for the best in a home. For most of us, it is one of the largest investments of our life and therefore think twice before taking that final plunge.

When you have resale in your mind, at the time of buying then you will have to think twice while furnishing the home because maintenance is the key. When you resell, a well-maintained apartment is preferred and the costs of these are higher compared to the raw ones. This is because the second buyer will be under the impression that investing in a well-maintained property will save him the effort, time, and money he would have to spend with laborers and architects.

Water & Electricity

The amenities of an apartment are very important when you purchase a home. With community living taking over the city like a storm, people always seek good amenities as it makes life easy for them. This aspect plays a crucial role when the property is up for grabs for resale.

Water is one of the important amenities, one cannot ignore when investing in property. The scarcity of water will make any beautiful apartment or home undesirable. Check and make sure you have water 24/7 in your apartment.

Similarly, you need a power supply 24/7. So, make a note of power cuts timings in the locality. If the area often faces a power shortage, ensure to arrange for a generator or an inverter so that you will not have a problem when you choose to live there.

Parking, other amenities

If there are 4 members in a home, you will at least have two cars and a 2-wheeler. Now, in your home buying checklist, tick the box for parking space. In a residential locality, parking is a big problem, and most of the time; cars are parked in the street or even a little far away. In a community, you are allotted a delegated parking area; this is where you should ensure that you get one from the builder. If necessary, buy a second one depending on your need and budget. If it is an independent house, make a plan that will accommodate a fair parking space for your vehicles. Additional parking areas are sure to lure buyers, once you put up your apartment for resale.

Registration and documents

Document checking is next on the home-buying checklist. Apart from the encumbrance certificate and completion certificate, we need to verify a few other documents before purchasing a property. The first document a builder must give us is the sale deed. It is generally transferred by the seller to the buyer for transfer of ownership. It has to be registered with the registrar which makes you the legal owner of the property. It is this document that helps you to take a home loan or sell the flat. An important part of ROI is the sale deed.

An allotment letter (contains information related to payment done by the buyer), Khata certificate (proof of property construction in the municipal record), possession letter and payment receipt, and several NOC certificates are all needed at the time of purchasing the property.

A resale is possible only if you have all these papers ready. If you are buying an apartment that you would like to sell off a few years later, then never miss out on any of the documents. Never forget to find out the resale value of the apartment during the purchasing stage itself.


Purchasing or investing in property involves meticulous planning, especially if you want to resell it. Right from setting up a proper budget to arranging funds and zeroing in on a good builder to tax clauses understanding, you need to be careful and consult the right people. These baby steps will help you to enjoy the property and a good resale too.

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