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Top 5 apartment types based on exact needs

The dream of buying a home is fascinating and always dear to your heart. When you start the actual process, you will come across a long list of things to consider before giving the signature and the token money to book the home.

Residential apartments come with an array of choices these days for potential home buyers. As the choices expand, there is more room to accommodate all the requirements and match the home with perfection to the dream. From providing the basic facility, safety, and security to manifesting a luxury lifestyle living space, there is enough and more for everyone to make the right pick.

Let us quickly take you through the various types of apartments. The parameters of location, amenities, access to the railway station, bus stop, or airport, medical care accessibility, and the repute of the builders should be considered while looking for a good home for you and your family.

  • Homes based on BHK spaces

If you intend to put it for rent, then the choice of BHK (Bedroom, Hall, and Kitchen) can be different. But when it is for self-occupancy, then it is best to think of a long-term objective. The number of rooms can range from 3-5 depending on the comfort and the needs. There are compact homes to comfortable homes available with rooms of different square-feet areas.

  • Low-rise, easy-on-budget apartments

It is seen that the average income group of people who look for affordable homes find the low-rise apartment a smart option. These have a maximum of 3-4 floors, with all the basic facilities keeping in mind safety and security. These properties offer privacy and are spacious as well. This could be a wise investment decision for rent or lease purposes.

  • Duplex model homes for luxury

When you need a little more than luxury, then the best option would be a 2-story bungalow-like apartment with a lot of high-end facilities and privacy. If you have frequent guests coming to your place or you love to organize parties, there will be more space for such events.

  • Condominium for renting out

When you intend to invest a lot of sum in one go and at the same time help others as well, the condo is a good choice. You can buy many apartments of any property and then let it out to other people who are looking for the best rental options. The terms of payment may be decided based on mutual understanding.

  • Studio apartment to match affordability

This is quite a popular trend in the metro cities where the apartments are either fully or semi-furnished and up for rent. These come with a car parking facility as well. This is ideal for those who are looking for a single room, kitchen, and bathroom for private space. This can be bought and let out for people residing in a city on a short stay.

However, one should buy an apartment or apartments, depending on the exact need and desire of the owner.

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