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1) Safety

Senior citizens living alone are the easiest targets for burglaries and other crimes today. With all visitors being monitored and only those approved by residents let in, gated communities offer security like no other. Studies have shown that crimes are significantly less in gated communities, with almost zero burglaries, as security guards and CC TVs are in operation 24/7. Seniors get all the benefits of a safe environment while enjoying their privacy and visits from friends and family. No unwanted salespersons, trespassers or prowlers. Above all, friends and family who live away can sleep in peace, knowing that the seniors are secure and safe.

2) Greenery and atmosphere

Gated communities offer a green and natural environment that seniors have craved for all their lives, while busy working and living in the midst of crowded cities. Most such communities have gardens, parks, and dedicated walking areas, designed for residents to relax and exercise. The absence of traffic noise and pollution is an added advantage as speed limits are strict for residents’ vehicles.

3) Interaction

Most senior citizens crave socialization as their children would have moved abroad or to other cities. In gated communities, they get to meet people like them, and form groups, as is often the case. During festivals and other occasions, get-togethers and celebrations are common within the community. Navah has a clubhouse and community hall where residents with common interests can meet and enjoy recreational activities. In other words, it’s like living in a village which is close-knit but with all the modern facilities seniors need today.

4) Upkeep and amenities

Gated communities like Navah have supermarkets and stores within the property, which enable senior residents to pick up essentials at all times of the day without having to rely on a car or public transport. Gyms, swimming pools, and sports facilities situated within walking distance help them stay active without having to travel long distances to get there. The availability of dedicated maintenance services and even emergency services on call, ensure that seniors don’t need to get hassled over repairs and maintenance.

5) The best possible investment

Property values always go up and never down. Gated communities like Navah offer spacious 3 and 4 BHK apartments, which are the perfect investment for seniors to invest their hard-earned savings in where they get to stay in an ultra-comfortable home and great society or rent it out for a handsome figure or hand it down to the next generation.

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