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Walk-in Closet Ideas for Your Dream Apartment

Formals, dresses, shoes, bags, coats; you know you have them all but can’t remember where is what when there is an emergency or an impromptu event. A walk-in closet can save you countless hours and effort on such occasions and in your everyday life. If you thought they were not practical in apartments, think again. With a bit of creativity and imagination, the possibilities are endless.

However small, if you have an unused room in your apartment, transform it into a splendid luxury walk-in closet where you can fit all your clothes and accessories. The rest of the apartment can be made elegant and minimalistic in this arrangement.

Even if you don’t have such a room, there are many options, even for medium-sized apartments in metro cities. The idea is about utilizing space in the best way possible, and there are no rules whatsoever. Here are some ideas.

Adjacent To the Bathroom

It’s most convenient for the closet to be adjacent to the bathroom, between the bathroom and the bedroom. That way, you can step out from the bathroom and walk right into the closet, and start dressing up.

You can create a passageway between the bathroom and the bedroom during construction or remodeled area. A faux wall can also be erected at the end of a large bedroom for a walk-in closet. However, ensure that the bathroom door is permanently closed and the humidity doesn’t affect the clothes and accessories in the closet. They can also use a dehumidifier for this purpose.

Dressing Room-cum-Walk-in Closet

At least, most houses and apartments would have a dressing room or a space for a dressing table. Plan a bit, and widen this area to make a walk-in closet. This way, you don’t need to fix extra mirrors as you already have a dressing table and can do your make-up and styling alongside. Another possibility is to turn the space at the far end of a sloping roof into a walk-in closet by installing partitions. Look carefully, and you are sure to find awkward spaces and corners which you can transform magically.

Modeling Your Walk-In Closet

The first step in installing a closet is to inventory what you have and your priorities on what should be visible at a glance. Do you have more workwear than partywear? Make one long medium-sized shelf with railings. Handbags and shoes are your things? Plan the storage accordingly. A bit of time and effort here will make your mornings stress-free and even joyful. Open designs are less expensive and let you see everything at a glance, while closets with closed doors appear neater.

Tips for Organising

A ceiling-to-floor shelves unit will allow you to dump all the rarely used items on the top shelves. Large mirrors on the wall or the closet doors can give an illusion of space. Install excellent lighting or LEDs which come closest to natural light. Add drawers across the bottom spaces so that smaller items, innerwear, stoles, etc., can be stored neatly.

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