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Want to create a mini bar at home? Read on

We know that a home bar can take your apartment’s glam quotient a few notches higher. And you don’t have to sulk just because you are moving into an apartment. The bulky furniture has given way to sleek and stylish furniture, and setting up a home bar is just a breeze. There are also multi-purpose, space-saving storage options. Let’s see how you can create a modern and functional bar counter where you can enjoy a couple of drinks in the company of your guests.

Hidden storage options

Though you may want to flaunt your bar collection, some drinks age well in the dark, away from sun rays. Instead of building a stellar, you can create a hidden bar cabinet to store your alcohol without being affected by the light. You can add a couple of modern stool bars to the sleek storage cabinet.

Under the stairs bar cabinet

You can transform the space under the staircase for multiple purposes. Why not build a lavish bar area with several hidden storages to keep your barware? You can also have a wine cellar and multiple storage drawers with open and closed type shelves.

Captivating cocktail bar counter

Open-plan homes are a rage these days, where the kitchen, dining, living space, and minibar area are all in the same wide room. Open-plan bar counters offer the luxury of sipping your cognac while sitting at the dining table. You can showcase your collection of alcohol in multiple racks and have a wine cooler at the bottom.

Island kitchen bar

If you have an open-layout kitchen, you can be happy that you will be able to get a kitchen island installed. You can use the space below the island or the breakfast bar to keep your alcohol. Keep a few high chairs or bar stools and enjoy a few drinks.

Box bar

Another great idea for apartments is creating space-saving furniture like the box bar. This multi-functional piece has different compartments in the drawer for bottles. The table top can be used as a side table. You can use the deep shelves for storing your costly liquor collection, which is a cool experience. Also, you can display your crystal ware, wine glasses, and champagne flutes.

Corner stands

With a little imagination, you can have a corner stand with open and closed shelves. You can double this up as your bar-cum-storage and nicely exhibit your barware.

Asymmetrical Mobile Bar

You can use an asymmetrical bar made of wood and steel accents. You can store bottles and glassware in the cubicles and hide things in the cupboard. Since this is mobile, you can take this to any part of the apartment.

A bar on the balcony

Balcony bars are tending among millennials. You can twist your traditional bar design and create a balcony bar. You can use various textures, colors, and finishes to give it an uber-cool look. Now nothing can stop you from chilling with your friends and enjoying an evening.

Chairs for minibars

Home bars should marry style and functionality to give them a party mood. A minibar is incomplete without a set of the right stools or chairs. Stools, counter stools, and extra tall stools are often preferred. A regular-height bar stool is the standard one. It’s a chair with a skinny frame that supports the seat. Counter height bar stools are shorter than the regular height bar stool. Similar to dining chairs, it has a somewhat taller frame and slender base. Extra tall stools are tall and go well with a tall mini bar.

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