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Why buying an apartment in a gated community makes sense.

Gated communities have become the hot cakes in the real estate market. Unlike regular apartment complexes, the gated communities provide exclusivity, higher levels of security, and an enhanced living experience.

Gated communities come with superior amenities, and it offers an enclosed space that others can’t access.

Apart from professional security guards at the entrances, round-the-clock, gated communities offer amenities like clubhouses, swimming pools, community halls, playgrounds, and sports areas. There’s also power back-up and ample parking facilities for the owners.

Navah by Invicon is one of the largest gated communities in Vijayawada, offering spacious 3 and 4 BHK apartments with premium amenities like a café, children’s play area, spa, clinic, business lounge, and even an air-conditioned bus shelter for schools buses.

Spread across an area of 4.5 acres, Navah offers the best of both worlds- privacy as well as community living. And you will be staying in a community where every other family has more or less the same economic background and lifestyle status.

Homes in gated communities are priced a bit higher than regular homes because of the safety and exclusivity factor they offer.

Let’s look at the benefits of living in a gated community.

  • Gated communities are maintained well, and hence your investment doesn’t lose its appeal even after several years of purchasing it. Hence, even if you want to sell your property, too, you can be sure that the property will bring in good revenue, much above what you’ve invested.

  • The demand for rental homes in gated communities are high compared to other apartments or individual houses. The high-end and technology-backed security systems and the exclusivity and amenities ensure that gated community properties are always in demand.

  • With state-of-the-art community halls and clubhouses, gated communities ensure hassle-free living. E.g., if you want to host a family event or a birthday party, you don’t have to look for another place. You can book the clubhouse or community hall and conduct a fulfilling event.

  • A gated community offers premium amenities, and as the cost is shared among the owners, you can enjoy premium amenities at a lesser expenditure. With everything under one umbrella, you need not have to go out of your complex to exercise in a gym, take a swim in a pool, or jog.

  • While the premium amenities are a big attraction for lifestyle-conscious youngsters, the elderly in the family benefits in several ways, they can bond well with people of their age, and there are special facilities for the elderly like yoga, meditation hall, walking path, and gardens, which keep them in good mental and physical health.

  • Gated communities offer good facilities for children to play, join extracurricular activities and build friends. Since the security and safety are well taken care of, you need not worry about your kids when they head out to play in the compound.

  • If you have to travel for work or business, leaving your family behind, gated communities are a blessing for you. You can be sure about your family’s safety, and from repair works to a medical facility, the community has professionals to attend to them.

With so many pros, there's no wonder that gated communities continue to lure more investors and homebuyers.

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