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Why de-cluttering before moving into a new home is a must

There is a quote by William Morris that says, “Have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” This is so important when we are staying and moving into a new home from an old one. It is said that the thoughts we create around our place of stay also revolve around the things we have. When your house is much unorganized, it directly reflects your state of mind.

Some things would have been old and need to be discarded anyway.

These may be clothes, furniture, or kitchen appliances. Without a second thought or an emotional connection, give them away, and you can buy new ones in the new house. The house is always supposed to be clean and tidy so ensure that you do not stuff it like cotton in a teddy bear showpiece. Desires versus requirements according to the space available in the new house are essential.

De-cluttering should start a month back, and that too segment-wise. You will be shocked to see that you have hoarded many empty boxes in the loft or cupboards throughout your stay. All the things you have not used over the past year or so will, by default, never be used. So, why carry them along? It is best to clear the spaces and feel lighter in mind.

This cumbersome process is essential because you need to get rid of space drainers to make space for new ones. The energies might not be good, and neither would be the memories, so that you can discard such things once and for all. Plastic is a thing that keeps multiplying in every house, so this is the first thing to be discarded, and you could buy eco-friendly containers instead. Also, you can happily give away old bags or clothes. But ensure they are in good condition. It is good to give away anything extra with good intentions and value.

Always think like a minimalist when you plan to de-clutter before moving to a new home. This does not mean that you should think of just your basic needs and necessities, but then you can list the things according to your desire and need. When you think of luxury, you can again list the things as very important or a wish. Practice this, and you will find it easy to clear the spaces and enter the new home with only those things that will be very important.

The movers and packers should also find it easy to sort and label the boxes appropriately and shift your things hassle-free. Please list things in your diary to make it easy and comfortable for you to shift only the things you need. De-cluttering makes it so easy and convenient.

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