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Decorate your apartment with succulents

Succulents are a top choice for many to grow in apartments. They are easily available and are easy maintenance. They need a minimum amount of light and do not take much space. They are low-maintenance but beautiful, making them a favorite of apartment dwellers. you can buy succulents in plant nurseries, some grocery stores, and online. Often, they are sold in plastic pots. However, using porous clay pots will be ideal. You can also try glazed ceramic tiles for added beauty and grow your succulents.

There are hundreds of varieties, and just anyone can grow them, including beginners. Succulents have special water-storing tissues that survive in a dry environment. That means, even if you forget to water them for a while, they will still be thriving.

Here's a list of some popular indoor succulents which you can grow.


Cacti go well with almost all types of interiors. They are green and fun to grow. It would help if you watered it once a week and they are very low maintenance, making it one of the top picks for those living in apartments.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera can be your first-aid in many cases, from sunburn to dehydration. Though they need regular watering, you should allow the top two inches of soil to dry before you water them.

Jade Plants

Jade plants are very low maintenance and quite fun to grow. Unlike other succulents, they grow a bit big and look hard. Jade plants are considered a good luck symbol and are one of the favorite housewarming gifts. Jade plants should be kept in low light as too much sun will spoil them.

Paddle Plant

Paddle plants grow well in a warmer environment and need bright light. But it has very minimal water needs. These delicate plants have many takers for their appeal.

Snake Plant

With thick leaves that are sharp and pointed upwards, the plant is often called mother-in-law's tongue. It is said that the plant emits oxygen day and night and hence can purify the air. It needs watering once a week or only when the soil is dry.

Soil preparation for succulents

Succulents can even grow in water if enough nutrients are provided. They have shallow roots and grow well in soil that drains well. Loose, rocky soil rich in nutrients will be ideal for indoor succulents. Plant them in pots that have holes at the bottom for drainage. If you're using a pot without any holes, add a layer of gravel at the bottom where water can be retained without touching the plant's roots.

To take care of succulents in Indian conditions:

  1. Place them in a location with a good amount of bright yet indirect sunlight.

  2. Water only when the upper layer of soil becomes dry.

  3. Do not water on the plant but water on the soil.

  4. Ensure you use a potting mix that drains fast. Though succulents can grow without fertilizer, you can add a handful of compost to the soil once a month for better growth.

Now that you know a bit of succulent, get ready to decorate your apartment with trendy plants!

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