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What you should buy before moving to your first apartment

Now that you've become the proud owner of your dream apartment, you need to figure out the must-haves you should have for hassle-free living.

First-time homebuyers often find it challenging to stock essential items at home in the right size and quantity.

Cot and bed:

Comfortable bedding is critical for your health. There are several brands in the market, and you should review the pros and cons of every brand. Similarly, choose whether you are looking for an extra-spacious cot or a sleek one with the cot. It's better to buy standard sizes as it will be easy for you to shop for beds, bedspreads, and such items later.

There are several types of cots in the market. The list is endless for those with storage and without storage, with headrest and without one, paneling and carving. Take help from family members or friends who have recently set their home for reliable reviews before you choose.


When shifting to your new den, you have a lot of things to take care of. You might have to fix a pipeline, manage to wire, check the switch boxes, etc. Sometimes, you will have to fix furniture, stands, and other items in the new place. Hence, keep a tape measure, hammer, nails, pullers, screwdrivers, spanners, and electrical tester. You can either order DIY tool kits online or buy them from electrical or hardware stores.

Kitchen Supplies

From plates, glasses, spoons, a knife, setting up of kitchen is an individual choice. If you are someone who loves to cook, look for utensils accordingly. Else, if it is for one or two people, buy things accordingly. Pressure cooker, knives, vegetable peeler, mixer grinder, utensils, dish wash liquid, scrubber, mops, and broomsticks are some of the must-haves for every beginner. There are also gadgets for one-pot-cooking, electrical rice cooker, air fryer, and more for those who want a fully functional kitchen. Tawa, Kadai, spatulas, and storage containers, too, be taken care of before moving to your new home. You get beautiful containers in different sizes and shapes to store anything from 50 g to 5kg. Make your choice depending on your need.

Bathroom items

Though your interior designer might have taken care of the style of your bathroom, you might still want to style it. Look for coordinating shower curtains, towels, toiletry items, toilet papers, buckets, and mugs. It would help if you did not forget to get toothpaste, toothbrush, rags, disposable bags, all-purpose cleaning sprays, and cleaning liquid.


While you need comfortable sofa sets and chairs, never underestimate the size of your rooms. Ensure your furniture occupies the optimum area for better utilization. Fix the television so that it doesn't strain your neck or eyes. You can also have small stools with cushions that are of multipurpose use.

First-aid kit

Your safety is of utmost importance. You get first-aid kits at medical stores. Besides the basic kit, you should also include an antiseptic ointment, bandage, cleansing wipes, sanitizer, thermometer, and adhesive bandages.

With the above essential items, you can be sure that you are ready to start your first day in your newly-bought home. However, before packing the above, do not forget to include your grooming kit in the list!

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